Our team at WaterTech Plumbing & Heating Ltd. fosters a client-centered attitude in everything that we do. All of our staff embody integrity and professionalism and are encouraged to constantly learn new and innovative knowledge. All staff are involved in ongoing training programs which include both in-house and at third-party training amenities.

Most of our team have gone through 4-year apprenticeship programs, and all employees are screened and evaluated by project managers throughout every project.

From the moment you call us, you can expect a courteous greeting, prompt attention, and reliable service at a reasonable cost.

Meraj Ahamad

President & CEO

In 2011, Meraj Ahamad founded WaterTech Plumbing and Heating Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta. Under Meraj’s vision and leadership, today WaterTeachPlumbing and Heating Ltd. is a fully integrated mechanical building-contracting firm with Design Assist capabilities. Since conception, WaterTech has experienced impressive diversification and growth. Meraj’s first-hand expertise early in his career where he was involved in the construction of two high-rise, luxury, five-star resorts in Dubai (Al aqqa Beach Resort Le Meridian, Grosvenor House Hotel Dubai) allows him to see the bigger picture from start to finish. Meraj holds a First Class Gas Fitter certification along with a Master Plumber certification.

Regardless of how large WaterTech grows, Meraj remembers humble beginnings and is committed to continued support of community programs and charitable organizations in Alberta and beyond.

Blair Haaf

General Manager

Blair Haaf is responsible for the development and construction of major projects at WaterTech. Blair’s expertise is in building mechanical solutions that work in commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-family development. Blair has worked on various high-profile development and redevelopment projects in Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia as a Senior Project Manager. From start to finish, Blair oversees project budgets and contracts every step of the way. One of Blair’s career highlights includes managing a large-scale mechanical contract worth over $30 million for a top Canadian mechanical company.

Martin Qin

Estimating Manager and Senior Project Coordinator

Matin Qin is WaterTech’s Estimating Manager and Senior Project Coordinator. No project is too big or small;Martin manages WaterTech’s system for Mechanical Bidding with a focus on making bidding processes streamlined, accurate, and timely.Besides being a numbers guy, Martin holds Bachelor of Engineering degree. With an expertise in process driven core functions and an undeniable expertise in the deployment of estimating technology, Martin provides a means of improving WaterTech’s productivity and capacity on large-scale projects through the strategic deployment for WaterTech’s construction team and resources.

Rashid Alam

Accounts Manager

Rashid Alam is responsible for the overall financial management of WaterTech, including but not limited, to corporate compliance, governance, and financial reporting. With over 20 years of leadership experience in construction, financial
consulting, and financial services, Rashid brings with him a unique portfolio of expertise in financial leadership to WaterTech’s strategic planning and corporate finance. Rashid Alam holds a Master in Business Administration with a Bachelor of Accounting.