WaterTech Plumbing and Heating Ltd. is committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of all our stakeholder’s including our clients, contractors, and employees. In an effort to provide a safe and healthy work environment, WaterTech Plumbing & Heating Ltd. has adopted a “Safety First” Policy where safety manuals are available to all staff between mandatory annual safety training sessions. This process of integrating safety into all aspects of the organization ensures higher productivity and the well-being of everyone involved.


Largescale mechanical construction projects can be complex and can be risky when safety is not considered a priority. At WaterTech Plumbing and Heating Ltd. each and every employee and subcontractor within our organization is expected to follow safety rules and regulations without exceptions. For this reason, WaterTech Plumbing & Heating has a proven track record of maintaining safe and healthy stakeholders.

Our logo at WaterTech Plumbing and Heating Ltd. is symbolic of the presence and mindfulness that is required from our team to create a final end-product that permeates elegance, strength, purpose, enlightenment, and intelligence. Additionally, our logo is a constant reminder to all stakeholder’s that their presence and awareness is key to everyone’s safety.